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It belongs to a foundation whose goal is to generate wealth and long-term progress. Nexus was created within this foundation in 1949, a research and development laboratory dedicated to the fundamental research of products and processes and which has allowed it to remain at the forefront in the field of emulsifiers and their applications.

Since more than 100 years, they are manufacturers of emulsifiers. In fact, the first synthetic emulsifier obtained in the world was manufactured by PALSGAARD and since then is a specialist in this field.

It is present in more than 70 countries, through a network of subsidiaries and Joint Ventures, with agents and distributors around the world. In addition to laboratories and pilot plants in Denmark, it also has application and development laboratories in Mexico, the United States, Brazil, Russia, Iran, China and Singapore.

Its products are destined for the bakery, dairy, ice cream, chocolates, fatty preparations and margarines and sauces and dressings sectors.


Of its product range, we can highlight:

✔ Mixtures of emulsifiers for biscuits and plates
✔ Ammonium phosphatides, PGPR and citrus monoglycerides for chocolates.
✔ Mixtures of emulsifiers and emulsifiers with other ingredients for the dairy sector.
✔ Mixtures of emulsifiers and hydrocolloids for the ice cream sector.

CSK Food

CSK Food Enrichment is a company specializing in the production and marketing of ingredients for the dairy industry internationally.

The 1905 was founded as a cooperative to produce natural rennet and colorants for the owners. Over the years it has increased the range of products with coatings for cheese, ferments and other products. In addition, the company was privatized and began its export activity in 1996. Currently, it is a leading company in Coagulants, ferments and coatings for semi-hard cheeses, as well as in butter ingredients.

CSK Food Enrichment has its headquarters and factories in the Netherlands, as well as subsidiaries in France, Poland, Ukraine, Hungary and the United States.

CSK Food Enrichment’s range of products and trademarks is as follows:

✔ Ceska-lase: rennet (Kalase) and coagulants (Milase)
✔ Ceska-Coat: Cheese Coatings
✔ Ceska-Star: ferments (Ultra frozen Conc.)
✔ Ceska-Media: Culture Media
✔ Ceska-lact: Ingredients for butter
✔ Other: additives, i.e. Natacid, calcium chloride


CSK products are applied in all types of cheeses and yoghurts, as well as in fermented fresh dairy products and butter.


NATEX UK is a private company dedicated to the production and application of Thaumatin. Although the company is relatively young (it was created in 2001), its staff has more than 35 years of experience in the production, application and marketing of this product.

NATEX produces thaumatin and his compositions in the United Kingdom. It exports to many countries in the 5 continents thanks to its network of agents and distributors.

The thaumatin is a natural product, obtained by extraction from the Thaumatococcus Danielli.

Thaumatin is a natural protein, authorized worldwide for use in all types of foods without dosage limit. It is the substance known with the highest sweetening power, but its main characteristic is that it acts on the receptors of the taste of the tongue.

In this way, it enhances sweet and savoury flavors and masks sour, sour and bitter flavors.

It is used in all kinds of food products and pharmacy with objectives of improvement of the health and nutrition, as well as of the quality of the same ones:

✔ Reduction of sugars, fats, salt, GMS and additives.
✔ Addition of vitamins, minerals and antioxidants.
✔ Improved taste of the final product.


Natex presents a range of different preparations designed to achieve specific objectives:

✔ Thaumatin: At different concentrations and custom products
✔ Sweetence: Natural Sweetness Enhancers
✔ Expires: Salt and GMS replacers
✔ Block-out: Flavor maskers