NEWS 2018

The Blog "Emulsifier for Good" is a success! 13/07/2018 Launched at the end of 2017, Emulsifiers for Good (EFG) is a new Blog created with the aim of "inspiring and sharing knowledge and ideas on how emulsifiers produced and supplied in a sustainable way can help solve

NEWS 2017

New blog spotlights potential of sustainable emulsifiers 17/11/2017 A refreshing new blog, Emulsifiers for Good (EFG), aims to inspire and share knowledge and ideas for realizing the full potential of sustainably sourced and produced emulsifiers to solve some of the world’s food-related challenges. Emulsifier and stabilizer manufacturer Palsgaard

NEWS 2016

Palsgaard celebrates CO2-neutrality 01/04/2016 Juelsminde, Denmark, 1 April 2016– Food ingredients manufacturer Palsgaard A/S, the highly successful inventor of the modern commercial emulsifier, has revealed that it achieved CO2-neutrality at its Danish plant during 2015. At the same time, the company has reconfirmed plans to achieve a