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CSK sponsors the 2017


On March 27th in Bodegraven, the Netherlands, the ceremony was held where the awards for the biggest cheese competition in Holland were awarded: the awards 2017.

More than 100 cheese producers competed to choose the winner of this prestigious competition. The best producer of the year is chosen in the Netherlands and is a very important distinction. CSK has participated as a sponsor of this competition. For more information select here


Innaguración of CSK’s new high-tech factory for cultures production


CSK food enrichment is a high-tech company that manufactures cultures for the food industry using the latest developments in technology and processes. Cultures are bacteria that provide natural flavors to products such as cheeses and yogurts.

CSK is growing significantly and has increased its production capacity with the launch of this new facility in Leeuwarden. During a period of several months the production of the cultures has been moved from the old Ede factory to the new factory. This has been a gradual process that has been completed with great caution to ensure that the cultures produced in the new facilities provide the same quality and results to which customers are accustomed. After multiple tests and homologations, CSK is supplying its cultures from the plant in Leeuwarden. CSK has invested 30 million Euros in this new plant.

Global supplier for the dairy industry

CSK food Enrichment focuses on bringing flavor to cheeses and other fermented dairy products. This is achieved through the development and commercialization of innovative ingredients such as cultures, coagulants and coatings.

Founded in 1905, CSK maintains the rich dairy tradition of the Netherlands. CSK has activities in Europe and North America, with a sales volume of 60 million Euros and has 180 employees.