A little bit of history.

BEGIS 2002, S.L. is a young company, began its activity in February 2004.
However, we have over 30 years of experience in the food ingredients and additives industry.

Our staff has worked in the main multinationals of the sector, which has allowed us to develop a deep technical and commercial knowledge, both of the products that we represent and of the applications to which they are directed.

Our experience also allows us to provide our services not only in Spain and Portugal, but in other areas such as Latin America, North Africa and the Middle East.


Technical advice

Technical support and search for solutions to problems and developments of new products for all sectors of food and especially for those for whom we are experts: bakery, dairy, including cheese and butter, ice cream and Chocolate.

Business Consulting

We are partners for the sale of their products in the Spanish and Portuguese markets. Consultancy for the sale of its products in Latin America, Egypt and the Middle East. Direct contacts with the main clients, agents and distributors.

Product Promotion

We are currently exclusive agents of PALSGAARD for Spain and Portugal. We are developing together with dairy García Baquero the I-LAC project in Spain, Latin America and Asia. We advise on the search of any raw material, ingredient or additive of your interest.

Our Principals

PALSGAARD belongs to a foundation and is one of the leading manufacturers of emulsifiers worldwide.